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"The doll you dress in a snap!"

Dolly Pops was produced by Knickerbocker from 1979 to 1982. They were a series of flat-backed, hard plastic doll with pop-on/pop-off plastic outfits. The 2-inch dolls were sold on their own, with carry-case playsets, and also larger playsets. In France they were produced alongside Clodrey, and in Canada with Ganz Bros.

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Large Playsets

There were four larger playsets produced.

  • Deluxe Poptown [1979]
  • Doll House [1980]
  • Dress Show [1981]
  • Pop House [1982]

Deluxe Poptown [1979]

"Pop them on and off any store in town or even dress a Dolly Pop in a wedding gown!"

Poptown came with three background sets which could be linked together (a town house, a dress shop and a toy store). Each scene came with one doll and a selection of outfits.

This is the French-Canadian version, with dolls and outfits attached:

This is the US version, without anything attached:

This is the French-Canadian packaging:

This is the French packaging, showing the set was called "Popville":

Back packaging shows the three carry-case playsets.

Doll House [1980]

Doll House included yellow, four-roomed house which folded into a carry-case, a blond doll and a blond baby. It also came with seven outfits, four for the doll and three for baby. The three baby outfits were also sold in the "Deluxe Playset".

Dress Show [1981]

"With a stage that really turns and 8 gorgeous pop-on outfits!"

Dress show came with two dolls (blond and brown haired), and eight outfits. All eight outfits were included in the "Pop House" set the following year (see for detailed images).

The outfits were called:

  • Evening Gown
  • Fur Coat
  • Ski Suit
  • Skating Outfit
  • Party Outfit
  • Pants Suit
  • Western Outfit
  • Biking Outfit

Pop House [1982]

"Growing Hair Dolly Pops"

Pop House included pink, four-roomed house which folded into a carry-case, and a growing-hair doll (blond), which shorten or lengthened via a lever on her back. It also came with eight outfits (all of which were previously part of the "Dress Show" playset), vanity mirror with brush, comb and hair dryer.

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