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"The doll you dress in a snap!"

Dolly Pops was produced by Knickerbocker from 1979 to 1982. They were a series of flat-backed, hard plastic doll with pop-on/pop-off plastic outfits. The 2-inch dolls were sold on their own, with carry-case playsets, and also larger playsets. In France they were produced alongside Clodrey, and in Canada with Ganz Bros.

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Small Playsets - Carry-Along-Cases

"They pop right into outfits - pop right out of them too!"

There were five small playsets produced which looked like little open-front suitcases. Each set came with one doll and three outfits, which clipped into the case. There were three sets produced in 1979, and a further two in 1981. There was also a deluxe set produced in 1981 featuring nine outfits from various sets and two dolls (one of which was a baby).

  • Outdoor Playtime [1979]
  • Pony Playtime [1979]
  • Taking Care Of Baby [1979]
  • Bath Time [1981]
  • Birthday Time [1981]
  • Deluxe Playset [1981]

Outdoor Playtime [1979]

Outdoor Playtime came with a yellow carry-case and blond doll. The outfits were a car, skateboarding, and tennis.

The publicity image has a blue carry-case, but was swapped for yellow at production.

Pony Playtime [1979]

Pony Playtime came with a blue carry-case and red haired doll (not brown as in the loose image below). The outfits were a pony, a dress, and holding a basket of carrots.

The publicity image has a yellow carry-case, but was swapped for blue at production.

Taking Care Of Baby [1979]

Taking Care Of Baby came with a pink carry-case and brown haired doll. The outfits were a baby in a pram, holding a baby and green dungarees.

Bath Time [1981]

"Dolly Pops doll with rooted pony tails, 3 pop-on outfits and carry-along case."

Bath Time came with a yellow carry-case and brown-haired doll. The outfits were a bathrobe, PJ's at the basin, and bathtub. These three outfits were also sold in the "Deluxe Playset".

Birthday Time [1981]

Birthday Time came with a pink carry-case and blond doll. The outfits were cake at a table, holding balloons, and holding a present. These three outfits were also sold in the "Deluxe Playset".

Dolly Pops

Dolly Pops

Dolly PopsDolly Pops

Deluxe Playset [1981]

"Dressin' up Dolly Pops is easy to do 'cause they pop rights into outfits, pop rights out of them too!"

In 1981 a deluxe set was released with a blond doll and blond baby. It included nine outfits, six of which were sold previously in other sets (all unchanged); all three outfits from "Birthday Time" and all three outfits from "Bath Time". The other three outfits (for baby) were described as being from the "Baby Time" set, but have found no evidence of this set outside of the deluxe package..

Back Packaging

Back packaging from 1979 included the three smaller playsets and the larger "Poptown" playset. This is the US version.

This is the French version.

This is the French-Canadia version.

US back packaging from 1981 included the two new playsets and four Dress-Ups sets.

The back packaging for the deluxe set from 1981 included three of the carry-case playsets, and three larger playsets.

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