The Grabbits :: Plush

"We're an EARFUL of Fun!"

The Grabbits were produced by Kenner in 1989. They were a series of plush and poseable rabbits with long bendable ears.

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Plush Adults

"We're EAResistably Cute!"

There were six adult plush Grabbits, each one had its own theme and came with two accessories. They were about 12 inches high with 14 inch poseable ears.

  • Grace - Bride c/w veil and flower
  • Greer - Ballet Dancer c/w tutu and mirror
  • Gregory - Fireman c/w helmet and ladder
  • Greta - Film Star c/w boa and sunglasses
  • Gretchen - Cheerleader c/w pom pom & skirt
  • Grover - Policeman c/w handcuffs and cap
[no image]
Grace Greer Gregory

[no image]
Greta Gretchen Grover

Plush Babies

There were four plush Grabbits Babies and each one came with a bottle which fitted into their mouthes.

They were about 9 inches high with 14 inch poseable ears.

[no image]
Gabby Gail

Gordon Gwen

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The Grabbits :: Plush