Nosy Bunnies

"Squeeze their tummies! Watch their funny noses!"

Nosy Bears were produced by Playskool/Those Characters from Cleveland/Hasbro from 1987 to the early 1990's. They were plush teddies (plus a few bunnies) with plastic globes on their noses. When their bellies were squeezed various items in their noses would move about from the air pumped in. The smaller Shaker Nosy Bears and Nosy Bunnies had snowglobe type noses which were filled with a liquid. There were also a few accessories made to go along side the series.

They were sold in the US, UK and various parts of Europe, with slightly varying names:

  • US/UK - Nosy Bears
  • Canada - Popinours
  • France - Nosynours

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Nosy Bunnies

There were three Nosy Bunnies. They were nine inches high like the Shaker Nosy Bears (not including their ears). They each had Easter themed noses and thier tags are dated 1989.

  • Chicky - Chick in egg which open and closes when tilted
  • Ducky - Two chicks wearing hats
  • Tisket - Easter basket
Chicky Ducky Tisket


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Nosy Bunnies