Christmas Cards

I’ve just added four new styles of Christmas Cards to my shop!

These A6 cards are made from four consecutive patterned triangles, raised from the surface to give a 3D effect.

Christmas Tree Cards

These A6 cards are made from layers of tissue covered lace with glitter, gold paint and a slightly curly snowflake on top. The triangles are then stitched around the edge. Every one is slightly different, making them all unique.

Dark Textured Triangle Christmas Cards

These cards are made from a layer of tissue covered foil, with glitter, sequins and shimmery paint. The triangles are stitched around the edge and every one is slightly different. The cards themselves are unusual three sided triangle shape, measuring 5.5 inches high and 4 inches wide along the front bottom.

Multi-Coloured Triangle Christmas Cards

There little 7cm cards have a decorative stamp with different coloured glitter snowflakes in the corners and glitter detailing on the stamp (snowflake colours vary from set to set). Ideal for gift tags or miniature greeting cards.

Decorative Stamp & Glitter - Set of 4 Mini Christmas Cards

These cards are available to buy from my shop here: