Sky Dancers :: Sparkle Hair

"They really dance and fly in the air!"

Sky Dancers were produced by Galoob from 1994-2000 when they were recalled for causing various injuries. They were a large series of ballerina-style dolls with foam wings under their arms, plus a "launcher" or stand. When the string on the launcher was pulled the doll would spin up and away with her wings opening up to catch flight. There was also a 27 episode animation series in 1996-97.

They were sold in US, Japan, UK and other countries in Europe. In Italy they were produced by GIG (Ballerine Volanti), and Japan by Tsukuda Original (Fairy Princess). Japan also had some colour variations.

The line was re-issued in 2005, and again in 2013. There were a few "knockoff" brands too.

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Sparkle Hair

There were nine Sparkle Hair dolls produced which came with stands but no launcher. They had tinsel in their hair, but otherwise looked like the original dolls with the same bodice and wing patterns being used.


April was called Primula in Italy.


Camille was called Ciclamina in Italy.


Crystabelle was called Cristallina in Italy.



Jade was called Petula in Italy.


Lacey was called Violetta in Italy.


Sunny was called Raggio Di Sole in Italy.




This shot from 1995 shows six of the eight dolls produced (no Sunshine or Windy, although both were both shown on packaging).

From left to right: Lacy, Camille, Sunny, Crystabelle, April and Jade.

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