Dream Garden :: "Bedtime" Playsets

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Dream Garden were produced by Trendmasters from 1997-98. They were a series of musical plant pot playsets with little scented babies and animal nannies. There were also several soft babies and and a few pets.

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"Bedtime" Playsets

There were two "Bedtime" playsets produced, dated 1998. The large fruit/flower was also a necklace, and the pots played music and giggling baby sounds.


This blueberry scented set came with three babies, three bottles, a squirrel nanny and a blueberry necklace. There were also blueberry muffins in the flowers.

Dream GardenDream GardenDream GardenDream Garden

Dream Garden

Peanut Buttercup

This peanut butter scented playset came with three babies, three bottles, a human nanny and a flower necklace.

Dream GardenDream GardenDream Garden

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Dream Garden :: Bedtime Playsets