Dream Garden :: Unproduced Playsets

"Sweet, unique and fun to collect!"

Dream Garden were produced by Trendmasters from 1997-98. They were a series of musical plant pot playsets with little scented babies and animal nannies. There were also several soft babies and and a few pets.

Images on this page thanks to eBay seller trendmasterss!

Unproduced Playsets

"Create a Dream Garden country fair with the Fun 'N Games playsets! Specially articulated babies can perform tricks! Push signpost to open playset."

I believe these two playsets were never released for sale.

Ice Cream Garden

"Vanilla scent, included ice cream necklace, bubble accessories, removable snaks, nanny, 3 ice cream skating babies and 3 bottle."

Dream GardenDream Garden

Watermelon Garden

"Watermelon scent, includes melon necklace, working tea set, wheelbarrow, watering can, rake, 2 melons, nanny, 3 babies and 3 bottles."

Dream GardenDream Garden

For Sale

Dream Garden :: Unproduced Playsets