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"For girls"!"

Poochie was a fluffy white poodle with bright pink ears and purple sunglasses. Made by Mattel in the early 1980's she was very popular in the US and UK, but had her hay day in Italy! Poochie was produced as a plush toy, and had a huge collection of accessories to her name such as stationary and stamps, but also included many other items. There were also books, comics and an animated cartoon.

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Plush Poochie was produced in several sizes from 6", 9" and 12" in the USA and up to 32" in the UK! The USA Poochie's had pink paws, while the UK Poochie's had white paws with pink flowers on the bottom and were also made out of a slightly different fur.

USA Plush Poochie UK Plush Poochie


Along with Poochie came Baby Poochie which was about 6" high. I don't know how many different Baby Poochie's were produced, or if they each had their own names.

Poochie Pals

"A Poochie for you, one for a friend - express how you feel about your favourite activity."

Poochie Pals which were about 6" high. There were four different one made, each with a different slogan on their T-Shirt:

  • I love Cheerleading
  • I love Dancing
  • I love Jogging
  • I love Slumber Parties
I love Cheerleading

Small Plush

These are exactly like Poochie Pals, but are produced under the name of Poochie. I don't know how many different ones were produced.

"The puppy with poise!"
Beauty Sleep
"The puppy with pajamas!"
Jazzed Up
"The puppy with pizazz!"

Little Lady Steppin' Out
"The puppy with personality!"
Trend Setter
"The puppy with pep!"

Other Plush

There were other plush Poochie's produced too, but I know no more than that!

Bikini Plush Toy & T-Shirt

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Poochie :: Plush