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Dream Beauties were produced by Hasbro in Year 8 of the My Little Pony line (1989-90) and were marked as the grown up version of My Little Pony. There were six sets with eighteen ponies in all. They all had long manes which had a row of fixed plastic beads running along the holes. Each pony came with a brush, comb or pick and a hair-clip, all made from My Little Pony designs.

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Dream Beauties

There were six sets of ponies produced:

  • High Flying Beauties
  • Rainbow Beauties
  • Shimmering Beauties
  • Showtime Beauties
  • Sweet Perfume Beauties
  • Trim 'n Grow Beauties

High Flying Beauties

"With shimmering colours and large, graceful wings for sweeping through the sky!"

There were three High Flying Beauties which were all pegasi. They had two-tone bodies (nose and hooves differed) and two-tone wings, with the inner wing colour matching their nose and hooves.


Body: White
Symbol: Pegasus, Clouds & Birds


Body: Pink-Purple
Symbol: Heart Balloons


Body: Blue
Symbol: Bird, Ribbon & Stars

The colourings were a little different in the publicity shot, but not too far off the production line.

Rainbow Beauties

"They're so pretty with their colourfully striped hair and swirling rainbow designs!"

There were three Rainbow Beauties which had four colours in their manes and tails, and swirly symbols which covered the sides of their bodies.

Morning Glory



All three ponies were quite similar in the publicity shot to their production versions.

Shimmering Beauties

"Their glimmering bodies are sprinkled with silvery glitter and beautiful colours"!

There were three Shimmering Beauties which had transparent, coloured bodies filled with glitter. The publicity image above has a purple rather than orange coloured Stardazzle.


Body: Blue
Hair: White
Symbol: Floating Swans & Heart

Dream Gleamer

Body: Pink
Hair: Light Pink
Symbol: Winged Heart


Body: Orange
Hair: Bright Pink
Symbol: Heart of Flowers

Dreamgleamer and Crystaline were close to their production versions, but Stardazzle was quite different.

This is a publicity shot of the packaging, where Dreamgleamer looks like she has measles.

Showtime Beauties

"She looks like a glamorous carousel horse with her elegant, sculpted designs!"

There were two Showtime Beauties which had molded saddles, similar to year 7's Merry-Go-Round Ponies.

Circle Dancer


Mayfair was quite similar in the catalogue shot, but Circle Dancer colouring was different to the production pony.

Sweet Perfume Beauties

"Swing open their shiny medallions to find fragrant cream perfume for you to wear!"

There were four Sweet Perfume Beauties. They had raised metallic effect medallion on their hips, similar to year 5's Princess Ponies. The left side opened up to reveal a compartment containing cream perfume. They also had two-tone hair and different coloured hooves from their bodies.


Body: Purple
Hair: Aqua
Hair Plugs: Aqua w/Light Pink
Symbol: Red Heart


Body: Aqua
Hair: Purple
Hair Plugs: White w/Purple
Symbol: Gold Flower


Body: Pink
Hair: Yellow
Hair Plugs: Lavender w/Aqua
Symbol: Green Bird, Ribbon & Flowers


Body: Blue
Hair: Pink
Hair Plugs: Pink w/White
Symbol: Silver Shooting Star

The medallion colours were a little different in the publicity shot.

Trim 'n Grow Beauties

"Pull their hair to make it grow, then clip and style it with special scissors. Includes extra hair pieces!"

There were three Trim 'n Grow Beauties. Their manes were rooted, but their forelocks and tails were replaceable with the two hair plugs they each came with. They had pearlized bodies with a compartment under their bellies for storing/inserting the hair plugs. Each pony also came with a pair of scissors for trimming their hair.


Body: Pink
Hair: Blue
Hair Plugs: Pink and White
Symbol: Dresser with Heart Mirror


Body: Blue
Hair: Purple
Hair Plugs: Pink and Aqua
Symbol: Jewellery


Body: Purple
Hair: Aqua
Hair Plugs: Pink & Purple
Symbol: Bath Tub

All three ponies looked quite different in the publicity shot.

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When you click links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network and Google AdSense.
My Little Pony :: Dream Beauties