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My Little Pony was also produced in Japan by Takara in 1985, and looked nothing like the Hasbro version! The line was called "My Little Pony - Stylish Pony" and they were a small series of upright poseable pony figures (adults and babies) with large heads and brushable hair. There were also fashions and playsets. All items are highly sought after.

There were many "fakie" babies produced after Takara stopped production of varying quality.

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These outfits are numbered 522205-9-650 and came with metal chain jewellery and two plastic hair bows.

Pinky was sold in the yellow dress.

These are all numbered 522206-0-850 and came with plastic jewellery and two plastic hair bows.

Back packaging shows six outfits.

Dresses On Cutouts

This set is numbered 500206-0-1000 and the outfits came on cardboard cutouts. I've not seen the backs of these packets.

These are three of the four outfits the Ochame Fashion Ponies were sold in.

The white dress was also sold as part of the wedding dress collection.

There were two twin packs with lots more fashion accessories inside.

Wedding Dresses

These sets are numbered 500203-5-1000 and had slightly different back packaging to the outfits above. They all came with a dress, veil, metal chain with heart charm and a bouquet hair accessory.

Back packaging.

Catalogue image.

Hair Accessories

There were several packs of hair accessories for the ponies.

These packs are numbered 522207-2-480 and came with metal jewellery.

These are numbered 522209-6-480 and came with metal chain jewellery.

These are also numbered 522209-6-480, on a sticker rather than printed on, and came with plastic jewellery.

Back packaging.

Catalogue image.

Dream Capsule

From the 1985 Takara toy catalogue.

For Sale

My Little Pony :: Takara ~ Fashion