Kitty Check-Up

"Now little girls will be able to make their very own plush kitty feel better over and over again!"

Puppy Check-Up, Kitty Check-Up, Baby Check-Up & Newborn Baby Check-Up were produced by Kenner in 1994. It was a small series comprising of a plush puppy, plush kitten, baby doll and newborn baby doll (each sold separately) which each came with a few small veterinary or medical accessories to perform check-ups with.

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Kitty Check-Up

Kitty Check-Up came with a thermometer, medicine with spoon and a stethoscope.

Take Kitty's Temperature Give Kitty the Medicine Check Kitty's Heartbeat
Get the thermometer ready to take Kitty's temperature by sliding the button on the back all me way until it stops. Then press the thermometer tip against Kitty's mouth. A sad face will tell you she has a fever. A happy face will tell you she's well.

You can make Kitty fed all better when you give her pretend medicine. With spoon pointed down, insert it into medicine jar and squeeze bulb slowly to fill. Keeping the bulb squeezed and the spoon pointed down, place tip of spoon to Kitty's mouth and slowly release bulb to empty. Watch all of the pretend medicine "disappear" as Kitty takes it!
After you give Kitty her medicine, check her temperature again. If you see another sad face, then Kitty may need more medicine. And when you see a happy face, you've helped Kitty feel so much better!


  • If spoon does not empty, hold it straight up as shown. Then squeeze bulb completely. Continuing to squeeze bulb, point the spoon down and then release the bulb. Spoon should empty.
  • You may need to repeat this step to completely empty spoon.

If you have a Baby Check-Up Doll, you can really listen to Kitty's heart with her stethoscope. Just press the stethoscope to the heart pattern on Kitty's chest and hear her heart beating!


  • To locate Kitty's heart, move stethoscope
    around over heart pattern until you hear
    her heartbeat.


"Kitty Check-Up comes with thermometer with happy and sad faces, medicine spoon with real disappearing/reappearing liquid, and medicine refill bottle."

This image is from the 1994 Kenner catalogue, which was also used on the packaging.

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Kitty Check-Up