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"Lovable, Huggable!"

Pound Puppies were produced by Tonka between 1985-1988. They are the most well known of the 1980's production run of Pound Puppies as they were producing for the US market. They also introduced Pound Pur-r-ries, Rumpleskins, Newborns and Furries as well as fashion outfits, plastic figures, miniatures, games and many other related merchandise.

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Plush ~ Pound Puppies

There were three types of Pound Puppies produced (original, Rumpleskins and Furries), two types were also produced an newborns (original and Furries). It appears that each large breed of dog was produced in at least two different colours. The adults measured 17-19 inches long and the newborns about 7 inched long. Each puppy or kitten came with a ribbon collar, care sheet and mail-in ownership certificate offer for the I.D. tag. Children filled in the certificate with the the puppy or kittens name and received back two labels - one with the chosen name on and the other for the child's address to be written on. The packaging also doubled as a carry case.

Original Pound Puppies

"Pound Puppies for adoption! They're looking for a home with love. Each comes with registration papers, a collar, and l.D. tag."

Clockwise from top:

  • Terrier
  • Hound
  • Beagle
  • Terrier
  • Labrador

Terrier (5), Bulldog (6), Hound (7) and Spaniel (8)

Labrador Retriever (6), Hound (7), Beagle (8), Beagle (9) and Spaniel (10).

Original Newborn Pound Puppies

"Each adorable Newborn Pound Puppy is unique and lovable. Let us send you the pick of the litter. All they need is a little love. 7 in long."

The newborns were sold individually as well as in mum and baby sets.


"Rumpleskins have a whimsical look on their wrinkled faces. You can almost tell what they're thinking. Collar, care sheet and certification mail-in card included. 17 in long."

I know of three adults and one newborn.

Newborn puppies came wearing nappies!

Pound Puppies Furries

"Each sad-eyed mongrel with long fur and each bright-eyed poodle with fancy fur comes in earner and has collar, care sheet, and mail-in ownership certificate offer. Colours may vary."

Pound Puppies Furries Newborns

"Shaggy mongrel and curly-haired poodle comes with ribbon collar, care instructions, and mail-in ownership certificate offer."

There were two breed of dogs produced in the Furries line, sold individually or as mum and puppy sets.

Other Plush Characters

There were eight main characters in the Pound Puppies cartoon but I don't know if all eight were produced as large plush toys. They were quite different from the other Pound Puppies as they were jointed. I

I've also found Bright Eyes with different "freckles" and a brown nose.

There was also a large "talking" Cooler produced too, which was a cassette player.

This is a large talking plush puppy.

US fast food chain Hardee's also produced some Pound Puppies in 1986. I think there were about 6 or so small puppies made for them via Tonka.

Plush ~ Pound Pur-r-ries

"Each kitten comes in a carrier, with neck ribbon, care sheet and mail-in ownership certificate offer."

Pound Pur-r-ries were introduced in 1985 and had distinctive eyes. When the Newborns and Furries were added to the line their eyes were altered and their cheeks become rounder to give them a friendlier, more cartoon-like face. There were lots of colours produced.

Pound Pur-r-ries

Pound Pur-r-ries Furries

Pound Pur-r-ries Newborns

For Sale

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Pound Puppies :: Tonka