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There were three residential properties built in the early 1900’s by Southend Waterworks Company in Thundersley, Essex, which were associated with its reservoir and two pumping stations.

Pumping Station Cottage was the property associated with Thundersley Pumping Station (aka No.7), which was first pumped in 1899. The house is now known as 17 Chancel Close, and the pumping station was closed and demolished in the 1940s or early 1950s and the land built on for housing.

CLARKE ~ 1939

Henry CLARK a Water Inspector and family were most likely the third residents of Pumping Station Cottage, moving in after the previous occupants moved out in 1931 (Henry Hawksley AYRIS and family). The property is listed as part of Church Road 1939 Register.

Henry CLARK married Amelia Maud TODD on 4th Apr 1920 in Bethnal Green and had nine children between 1920-1935. The first three were born in Bethnal Green, and the following six were all registered in the Rochford district, which covered Thundersley. By the time of the 1939 Register, the family were living at Pumping Station Cottage on Church Road in Thundersley where Henry worked as a Water Inspector. Henry died in 1968 age 69, and Amelia in 1975 aged 76 (both registered in the Southend district). As nearly all of Henry and Amalia’s children are less than 100 years old, I will not list their details.

Henry’s Parents

Henry CLARK was born 25th Nov 1898 in Bromley, Middlesex. He was the ninth of twelve known children born to William Barnabas Gunn CLARK and his wife Jane COLE (William himself was one of ten). William was a General Labourer and Jane was the daughter of a Licenced Victualler and Hawker (amongst other things). They married Christmas day 1879 and had a child roughly every two/three years from 1880 to 1905 when Jane was age 45. The 1911 census states Jane had thirteen children, five of which had died. I’ve only found records for twelve children, two of which died in infancy.

  1. William Thomas Clark (29th Nov 1880 – 1905)
  2. James Clark (19th May 1882) Labourer to Railway Company
  3. Amelia Clark (31st Dec 1884 – 1957) Porter’s wife
  4. Thomas Clark (14th Jan 1887)
  5. Annie Clark (22nd Feb 1889 – 1929) Clerk’s wife
  6. Susan Clark (8th Nov 1891 – 1970) Latrine Attendant’s wife
  7. Emma Louisa Clark (4th Dec 1893 – 1961) Stall Assistant’s wife
  8. Mary Ann Clark (26th Mar 1896) Poultry & Game Salesman’s wife
  9. Henry Clark (25th Nov 1898 – 1968) Handy Man / Water Inspector
  10. Sarah Ann Clark (2nd Jul 1900 – Oct-Dec 1900, age 0)
  11. Henrietta Emma Clark (Jun 1902 – Oct 1902, age 0)
  12. John Clark (12th Feb 1905)

The family moved around London quite a bit, from Bethnal Green, to Hackney, to Homerton, to Bromley and finally West Ham (most likely moving to where work was to be found). William died in 1934 aged 75, and Jane possibly in 1936 aged 76.

Amelia’s Parents

Henry’s wife Amelia Maud TODD was born 24th Apr 1898 in Bethnal Green. She was from a family half the size of Henry’s, being the third of five children born to Charles William TODD and his wife Amelia Matilda GATES. Charles and Amelia were married 8th Jan 1893 in Bethnal Green, where all five of their children were born. Charles, like his father, worked as a Sugar Boiler in the confectionery trade.

  1. Charles William Todd (18th Nov 1893 – 1977) Printers Warehouseman
  2. Albert Henry Todd (2nd Jul 1896 – 1985) Cabinet Joiner
  3. Amelia Maud Todd (24th Apr 1898 – 1975) Handyman & Water Inspector’s wife
  4. Lilian May Todd (2nd May 1905 – 1936, unmarried)
  5. Leonard Ernest Todd (17th Mar 1909 – 1979) French Polisher

In 1901, the Todd family (including Charles’s parents) were living at 196-198 Hackney Road, Bethnal Green. The head first family listed at this double address was William T BACON, a Pastry Cook and Confectioner. William was listed as an employer, whilst Charles and his father were listed as a workers (Sugar Boilers), so would guess they both worked for William in his family business. Charles worked as a Sugar Boiler into his 40’s alongside his father, then they both changed careers and went into the building trade.

Amelia died in 1921 aged 49, and Charles remarried the following year to widow Mary Ann Alice SILVERLOCK nee BOYCE, ten years his junior (the don’t appear to have had any children together). In 1939, Charles and his second wife were living in Bethnal Green, and he was working as a Builder’s Labourer (age 67). Charles died in 1949 aged 77 a Mary in 1966 aged 82.

CLARK/TODD Family Tree

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