GOLDING | Burches Pumping Station House, Thundersley, Essex | Southend Waterworks Company

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There were three residential properties built in the early 1900’s by Southend Waterworks Company in Thundersley, Essex, which were associated with the reservoir and two pumping stations.

Pumping Station House (also called Pumping Station Cottage and Waterworks House) on Great Burches Lane was the property associated with Burches Pumping Station.

GOLDING ~ c.1930

Frederick William GOLDING a Waterworks Reservoir Gauger and family were most likely the forth residents of Burches Pumping Station House, following on from the previous occupants Aldred Arthur THURSTON and family in c.1930.

Frederick William GOLDING married Louisa WHITEHALL 26th Oct 1912 in Southend-On-Sea, Essex when they were 27 and 25, and had one son.

  1. Frederick Robert Golding (1915-1990)

Just prior to marrying Louisa, Frederick was boarding in Paddington, London working as a Stoker for a Laundry and Louisa was living with her parents in Prittlewell, Essex also working in the laundry industry. Pumping Station House is not listed in the electoral register between 1927-1929, but shows up again in 1930 with Frederick and Louisa now in residence. They were still there when the 1939 Register was taken, Frederick was now age 54 and working as a Waterworks Reservoir Gauger and Louisa was age 53. Also living with them was Louisa WHITEHALL (nee BOND), Louisa’s mother age 73 and a widow.

Unfortunately the online electoral records for Thundersley end at 1931, so I don’t know how much longer Frederick and Louisa lived at Pumping Station House after to the 1939 Register was taken. Their son enlisted into the 3rd Reserve Regt Royal Artillery at some point before 1939, and married in 1946. Frederick died in 1957 aged 72 and Louisa died in 1960 age 74.

Frederick’s Parents

Frederick William GOLDING was born 10th Jul 1885 in Westminster, London and the second of nine children born to Frederick James GOLDING and Ellen Jane Frost EAGLETON (sometimes FROST – see notes lower down). They married on 27th Jul 1880 in Leigh-On-Sea, Essex, where Ellen was from.

  1. Ellen Jane Golding (1882)
  2. Frederick William Golding (1885-1957) Waterworks Reservoir Gauger
  3. Charles Edward Golding (1887-1967) Maintenance Fitter Chassis Motor Bus Garage
  4. Elizabeth Golding (1889)
  5. Florence Alice Golding (1892)
  6. Edward Henry Golding (1895-1956) Driver Loader Furniture Trade
  7. Dorothy Golding (1897-1953, unmarried) Domestic Servant Gents High School

Frederick Snr worked for many years a Grocer’s Assistant (Porter) in Peckham, and the family moved to Prittlewell, Essex between 1901-1911. Frederick Snr was now age 54 and working as a Lavatory Attendant for Southend Borough Council whilst son Charles and daughters Elizabeth and Florence were working in the laundry industry.

I’ve not identified whether Frederick Jnr or his bother Charles enlisted when war broke out, but Edward certainly did. He joined the Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge’s Own) on 5th Nov 1914, served in Belgium and France from 1st Jun to 27th  Dec 1915 when he was wounded in his left leg. He served the rest of his time back in England until he was discharged on 18th Dec 1917.

Ellen died in 1924 aged 64 and Frederick Snr in 1934 aged 77.

A few notes on the Frost/Eagleton name. Ellen’s grandfather John Frost EGELTINE seems to be the cause of so much confusion when is come to this surname! He was baptised “John Frost Egeltine” in 1800 to father “Frost Egeltine”. When John married Isabella OSBOURNE in 1822, it was as “John Eagleton Frost”. They had eight children and are recorded as “Frost” in the 1841 & 1851 census records and “Frost Eagleson” in 1861. Ellen’s father was baptised “Edward Frost EGELTINE” in 1822 but married Elizabeth DOLBY in 1843 as “Edward Eagleton Frost”. Their first two children were registered with surname “Frost” and the next seven as “Eagleton” (including Ellen). When Ellen married Frederick James GOLDING in 1880 she did so as “Ellen Jane Frost”, and all their children were registered with mothers maiden name “Frost”, not Eagleton.

Louisa’s Parents

Louisa WHITEHALL was born 27th Jun 1886 in Paddington, London and was the first of three children born to Robert WHITEHALL and Louisa Walton BOND. Robert and Louisa married 17th Jan 1886 when they were 30 and 20 and about five months pregnant with their first child.

  1. Louisa Whitehall (1886-1960) Waterworks Reservoir Gauger’s Wife
  2. Frances Rebecca Whitehall (1888-1972) Clerk’s Wife
  3. Eliza Elsie Whitehall (1897-1960) Painter’s Wife

Robert worked as a House Painter and his father (also called Robert) was a Plasterer, whilst Louisa Snr’s father (another Robert) was a Cab Proprietor in London. The family moved from Paddington to Prittlewell in Essex just before the 1901 census. Louisa Jnr married Frederick James GOLDING in 1912, and her sisters Frances and Eliza married brothers George Frederick Yeates and Harry Owen Yeates in 1919 and 1920 after their war service ended. Robert died in 1932 age 76 and Louisa Snr in 1949 age 83.


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