[5GGP] John MAYHEW & Kazey GREY

My 5th Great Grandparents are John MAYHEW and his wife Kazey GREY.

John MAYHEW was born c.1767 possibly in Bromham, Bedfordshire. He may have been the first of five children born to John MAYHEW Snr and his first wife Elizabeth BETTLE who married on 10th Oct 1766 in Bromham. No baptism record has been discovered for John, but I have several distant cousin DNA matches who trace back to Mary MAYHEW bap 1771 in Bromham with these parents. Kazey GREY (aka Cazey, Casey and Kazia) was born c.1763 but it is unknown where or if Grey was her maiden name.

John married “Casey GREY” on 10th Oct 1800 in Bromham, Bedfordshire when she was aged about 37 and he about 33. The couple had two children together but sadly lost their second-born baby son in Apr 1804 followed by John’s untimely death in the Aug.

  1. John Mayhew (bap.02 Aug 1801 in Bromham)
  2. James Mayhew (bap.11 Mar 1804 in Bromham – bur.30 Apr 1804)

Kazey, as “Kasey Mayhew” married again two years later to Samuel STRATTON on Christmas Eve 1806 in Bromham. It seems likely that Samuel was the same man who had previously married Elizabeth RICHARDSON on 12th Oct 1801 in Felmersham, Bedfordshire. A matching record for Elizabeth Stratton shows she died in 1803 aged 36 and was buried on 20th May in Bletsoe (3 miles from Felmersham where she was baptised in 1767). There is an older possible marriage for Samuel on 4th Jun 1781 in Clapham, Bedfordshire to Sarah SAVAGE (one child found bap.1790 in Bletsoe) and a matching burial for “Sarah Strattan” on 1st May 1801 in Bletsoe just a few months before he married Elizabeth. If they were the same man, Samuel would have been born c.1760 and only a little older than Kazey who was about 43 when they married. No further record of Samuel has been found, who died prior to Kazey.

Kazey died of “decay” on 27th Jan 1840 aged 77 in the presence of Hannah TAYLOR. Hannah’s daughter Sarah was the second wife of Kazey’s son John (my 4th Great Grandfather) and the two families lived next door to each other in Bromham, Bedfordshire. Kazey was buried as “Kezia STRATTON” on 30th Jan 1840 at St Owen, Bromham, Bedfordshire.

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