[3GGP] Taylor, Louisa

Louisa Taylor
Born: 1817
Died: MAR 1893
Benjamin Taylor
1787 - JUL 1839
Louisa Taylor
1817 - MAR 1893
Martha Lewis
1791 - OCT 1846
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) William Jackson
Birth23 FEB 1812Clapham, Surrey, England
DeathDEC 1892 Reedham, Norfolk, England
Marriage15 NOV 1842to Louisa Taylor at Old Church, St Pancras, Middlesex, England
FatherWilliam Jackson
MotherMargaret Kitson
PARENT (F) Louisa Taylor
Birth1817Chippenham, Wiltshire, England
DeathMAR 1893 Reedham, Norfolk, England
Marriage15 NOV 1842to William Jackson at Old Church, St Pancras, Middlesex, England
FatherBenjamin Taylor
MotherMartha Lewis
FJane Jackson
Birth9 FEB 1851Reedham, Norfolk, England
Death17 MAR 1938The Lodge, Bowthhape Road, Norwich, Norfolk, England
Marriage17 OCT 1876to Robert Eastell at Register Office, Norwich, Norfolk, England
FLouisa Jackson
Birth1844Camden Town, London, England
MarriageMAR 1870to Philip Henry Paine at St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey, England
FEliza Jackson
Birth1846Reedham, Norfolk, England
MarriageDEC 1872to Thomas Cooper Wootton at Blofield, Norfolk, England
FSusan Jackson
Birth1859Reedham, Norfolk, England
MarriageDEC 1878to Alexander Muir Hay at Blofield, Norfolk, England
MHenry Jackson
Birth1856Reedham, Norfolk, England
MWilliam Jackson
Birth1853Reedham, Norfolk, England
DeathMAR 1897Gaywood, Norfolk, England
Marriage13 APR 1887to Florence Amelia Sawyer Wheal at St Peter Parmentergate, Norwich, Norfolk, England
FHarriett Jackson
Birth1848Reedham, Norfolk, England
DeathMAR 1882Buckenham, Norfolk, England
MarriageMAR 1875to Charles Howard Smith at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Louisa Taylor b: 1817 d: MAR 1893
William Jackson b: 23 FEB 1812 d: DEC 1892
Jane Jackson b: 9 FEB 1851 d: 17 MAR 1938
Robert Eastell b: 26 JAN 1844 d: MAR 1915
Hilda Harriet Eastell b: 10 JAN 1893 d: 24 MAY 1980
Alfred Robert Smy b: 7 NOV 1885 d: 28 JAN 1972
Violet Muriel Smy b: 2 JAN 1915 d: 2 JAN 2013
Laurence Augustus Wood b: 27 JUL 1919 d: 31 JAN 1993
Lyle Anbrew Barnes b: 25 SEP 1902 d: 26 SEP 1982
Steward Jackson Hicks b: 2 JUN 1924 d: MAY 1993
Ruby Marjorie Smy b: 10 MAR 1918 d: 12 JUN 1991
Janie Louisa Eastell b: 8 SEP 1884 d: 16 JAN 1965
William George Vickery b: 1 JUN 1884 d: OCT 1947
Ellen Jackson Eastell b: 1 FEB 1876 d: 1945
William Barnes b: ABT 1876
William Alfred Eastell b: 8 DEC 1880 d: 11 OCT 1916
George Robert Eastell b: 4 NOV 1878 d: BET JUL AND SEP 1927
Ernest Sidney Eastell b: 8 APR 1886 d: BET APR AND JUN 1886
Ethel Eliza Eastell b: 28 JUN 1887
Louisa Jackson b: 1844
Eliza Jackson b: 1846
Susan Jackson b: 1859
Henry Jackson b: 1856
William Jackson b: 1853 d: MAR 1897
Harriett Jackson b: 1848 d: MAR 1882